Breeder Ton Groot has some advice for a Valentine's Day gift


"Every year I take ranunculus home on Valentine's Day", says Senior Breeder Ton Groot. "A red one for my wife and two pink ones for my daughters." The ranunculus are currently flowering in the greenhouses of Syngenta Flowers. And they are highly recommended as a Valentine's Day gift, according to Ton Groot.

"In the early spring the ranunculus starts to bloom", Ton says, while looking at the red, pink and bicolored flowers with a critical eye. “I am a nit-picker in this case, the plants must become more and more beautiful, that is why the imperfections are especially striking."

First love
The ranunculus was the first project when he started working at Syngenta Flowers 21 years ago. "Do you know that song from John Miles, Music was my first love? That applies to me for the ranunculus, they just enchant you." The red and pink colours are his favorites for the 14th of February. He laughs: "When you come by with such a flower, she will hug you and won’t let you go anymore."

Syngenta Flowers has ranunculus as a pot plant in the assortment. "The ranunculus is usually known as a cut flower, but as a pot plant you will enjoy it for a long time with the right care." Ton advises to give the plant a light spot on the coffee table or the dresser and above all not on top of the radiator.

The most important care advise: water well. "Ranunculus is a Latin name, derived from the word Rana, which means frog. A frog usually lives around the water side, a reminder that the plant needs a lot of water.” Ranunculus can also brighten up outdoors, because a few degrees frost is no problem. "I sometimes even place them next to the front door."