Breeder Robbie Gieslink has the latest ‘design viola’


"The Viola is the announcer of spring", says Breeder Robbie Gieslink. Day in, day out, Robbie works on new and improved versions of 'his' Delta series, a process that can take up to 10 years. His newest addition: Delta Lavender Shades.

"This is the introduction of this season", Robbie Gieslink points at large-flowered lilac and purple violas. "The Delta Lavender Shades. I think it is a very fresh, modern color." The greenhouse is a colorful sea of violas: burgundy to white, large flowered viola x wittrockiana to the small-flowered viola cornuta.

Keep it big
The Delta series consists of large-flowered plants in an almost infinite range of colors. A series which became Robbie’s responsibility about thirteen years ago. "My forerunner Martien Gutter has made Delta big and I have the honor to keep it big."

That is a complicated process, in which he takes into account various stakeholders. "Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for the grower. We are working on the earliness and predictability of the growth," he explains. "In addition, this series stretches less, which is a positive property for retailers, because this ensures a better shelf life. "

'Design color'
With the consumer in mind, Robbie extended the Delta-series with Lavender Shades, a design color, as he calls it. "Nevertheless our assortment contains out of all colors of the rainbow and many patterns and shades. Regardless of the season we actually always have a trend color."

This wide range of violas from Syngenta Flowers is tested worldwide. "In the United States, Japan, Southern and Northern Europe we have done the same trials. All plants are tested under warm and cool conditions. Only the varieties that passed these tests are here in the greenhouse today. "

The secret to beautiful violas in the garden
In short, the viola must be an easy plant for everyone. Yet Robbie has some tips for even longer enjoyment of the colorful spring bloomer. "During summer time there are many bees on the flowers, regularly remove the old flowers, so you keep a clean plant. And fertilizes it occasionally, it loves nutrition. That is the secret! If you do that from now on, you will have beautiful violas in the garden until May. "