The best grower classes visit Syngenta Flowers


Syngenta Flowers held a school competition in the Netherlands earlier this year. The challenge: which primary school class is the best grower? Various primary schools entered this battle named Klasse Kwekers. The winners of the competition were given a tour last week at the young plant production company of Syngenta Flowers in De Lier.

The classes received a tray of young plants in the classroom last spring. After that the work of the grower began, and they started to grow a beautiful flowering plant. The children were challenged to record the growth of the plants. They made vlogs, photos and drawings.

And in the end there were beautiful plants! Various primary schools auctioned their flowers, just like a real grower. The winners of the competition were the classes that had tracked growth the most creative way and had a good return at the auction. These were Het Talent primary school in Den Hoorn and the Poolster in Berkel en Rodenrijs.

Employees of Syngenta Flowers showed the winners how the young plants are produced. This happens at the young plant production company in De Lier. After the tour, the winners had a school trip in Avifauna bird park.