Ben's tip: Watering with fertilizer after delivery is a must


Water rooted, unrooted cuttings and young plants with fertilizer immediately after delivery, that’s the advice from Ben Geijtenbeek, Technical Specialist at Syngenta Flowers. “After a few days of transport, the plants might need water, but they always need food. To regain strength, so to say. "

By the time the plants are delivered to customers of Syngenta Flowers, they are already in the logistics process for a few days. "These are difficult conditions for the plant", says Ben. “It's cold and dark in a truck and plants require light and temperature for their development. A plant coming out of transport therefore needs food and drink to catch a breath first."

An important first tip from Ben: never give clean water! “Certainly fertilizer is needed, because after a few days of no food, they like to eat something. 1.5 EC of a mixed fertilizer N/K = 1/1 is a good start, but a little extra calcium nitrate is definitely recommended."

It is best to do this as soon as possible after delivery and then immediately check the humidity. Stack the pallets and put the plants in the light of the greenhouse. “This prevents the plant with transport stress from getting double stressed by repotting immediately after delivery. Because this double stress this increases the risk of burning, no rooting or slow rooting and ultimately Pythium and loss.”

In addition, a plug with the same or higher EC than the pot will root faster when transplanted. "If you have a lower EC in the plug compared to the pot, you make it difficult for the plant to start rooting."

Ben's advice applies to all crops and growers. “This is important for everyone under all circumstances. Check the plants upon receipt and make sure that your potting is sufficiently moist and has a good EC.” Actually, it all makes perfect sense, he says. "When we ourselves make a long journey, we also first relax with a cup of coffee or something else as well."