A Begonia – but bigger and better


Looking for a huge Begonia with the biggest blooms and a fast finish? Try Begonia Tophat.

Trials show it has the biggest blooms of any big-type Begonia – up to 20% bigger than its rivals – and offers the fastest finish. But that’s not the only thing that puts it ahead of the pack. It flowers between 10 and 14 days earlier, has much better branching, and keeps flowering all season long.

Customers also love it because it is the only series that offers a delicate, pure White. Other stunning colours include Scarlet and Pink, while we expect for 2019 we will be offering the new, outstanding Rose Bicolour. Bred for versatility in production, this gem also has a long shelf-life, producing much less waste. And with its vigour, Tophat makes an ideal option for landscaping, single large patio pots or in combinations in the garden.