Spring bloomers in focus at PopUp Show

PopUp Show

A complete variety presentation, lectures about plant protection measures, alternatives to Tilt and the influence of genetics to the plant protection program: Syngenta Flowers’ PopUp Show attracted many enthusiastic visitors to Emsflower in Emsbüren this spring.  It was the third year in a row that the company organizes PopUp Shows, every time in another location and with another topic across Germany. 

Syngenta Flowers Spring Flowers and Perennials PopUp Show was held at the beginning of March, up at Emsflower, one of Europe’s largest growers with an impressive Garden World experience center for visitors. According to the many visitors it offered an excellent variety presentation accompanied by two inspiring lectures.

Holger Nennmann from the Chamber of Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia discussed plant protection measures for spring flowers and early flowering perennials, Günther Buckermann, Technical specialist at Syngenta Flowers spoke about alternatives to Tilt and the role of genetics on plant protection. Syngenta Flowers’ breeding programs are focused on the reduction of plant protection and plant control. The primrose series Mitra, which is genetically compact and therefore suitable for cultivation in 9 to 10.5 cm pots without the use of PGR is a good example.  

The highlights  

Viola Series  

Viola cornuta MultiColours Mixes is a proven concept due to their uniformity. Three seeds per plug ensure true eye-catchers with a 100% trio guarantee. Six combinations give full colour combination options. The individual series are also convincing. Endurio® has an impressive half-hanging growth and the resistance to frost and snow is excellent. Deltini® has the best uniformity on the market, they remain compact and do not stretch.

The Rocky® series once again impressed with its wide range of  colours. The Viola wittrockiana Delta® series once again showed off its richness of colours and its high uniformity. They stay short at the retail floor for a longer period of time, and it is the proven and tested series that continuously delivers the best results for spring and autumn production. The Select series offers special colour additions with large flowers such as the new vanilla sky.  

More spring bloomers  

With dark foliage, the perennial primer Goldnugget and its six representatives emphasized their colourful flower richness, and they also shine with a very good durability. In the Primula acaulis, the ten colours of the Sirococco series stand out, especially because of the frayed flower edge. Flowering time is from January to March, it is also available as a mix and there is no question that it significantly enhances the Primula range at the point of sale as intended.

The compact primrose series Mitra and Mitra Late are currently in particular focus, as they can do without PGR. The Maché, suitable for larger pots, stood out with strong and robust stems in attractive colours and strong habit. On the other hand, compact Magic series does not require any inhibition and is easy to transport and stands out with its impressive colours. The new variety Fireball is particularly striking here. 

The new Bellis perennis series Bam Bam joins the assortment with two colors: rose and red. It blooms 100% in the first culture year and does not require vernalization. Large, fully filled flowers on short stems that do not stretch, speak for themselves.  

Spring perennials  

The four representatives of the Saxifraga x arendsii hybrids stood out among the perennials: the early Alpino Early with its long flowering period of eight weeks and the very large flowers, the standard series Alpino for the high season two weeks later, Touran®, which shines with attractive plant structure, compactness and flower richness. Those who prefer it to be vigorous, are well served with Lofty and its very large flowers.

Among the Aubrieta hybrids presented here, Axcent was also the earliest Aubrieta on the market at the moment. Fast and uniform growing, the flower size is also impressive, of the seven colours on display antique rose imp got a lot of attention. But the Glacier series was also able to impress with interesting colour additions such as the new violet. Winter hard and large-blooded, it grows compact and is very durable.

GoldiPhlox blooms larger and two to three weeks earlier than the standard varieties. The five colours of the series can be cultivated very well together, the attractive plants certainly attract impulse purchase. Snowsurfer Compact, an Iberis sempervirens that is particularly suitable for cultivation in small pots and which does not require machine trimming, was also compact. 

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