Marigold Indi - Testimonials

Photo of Marigold Indi Fire Orange and Indi Yellow blooms

The most innovative hybrid Marigolds bred especially for the Indian climate

Growers appreciate Syngenta Garland offer because of their unique traits and strong resistance to diseases. These strengths make a significant difference in the marketable product, especially in hot climates such as India.  

Bred especially for the Indian Market, Indi Tagetes erecta, are continuous flowering, high-yielding varieties that are good for transportation, have a long flower shelf life, and are highly suitable for garland making.

Indi Series


  • High quality, more yield
  • Good for long-distance transportation and long flower shelf life
  • Highly suitable for making garland
  • Suitable for Kharif & Rabi season


  • Plant Type: Vigorous, upright plant with heights ranging from 90-115 cm
  • Flower Type: Round, ball shape with vibrant, attractive color 
  • Petal: Thick, honeycomb-like, compact petal structure
  • Weight: Average weights ranging from 6-11 gm per flower
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