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Spray application to help extend the ornamental value of pelargonium at retail

Are you experiencing leaf yellowing and petal drop at your pelargoniums? Pelargonium are sensitive to darkness but unfortunately this is unavoidable during the transport or retail stage.

To fight this, Chrysal and Syngenta Flowers have combined forces and introduced Largo®, a unique and effective product to prevent leaf yellowing and petal shatter. 

This unique spray application plant care treatment, which will allow for significant waste reduction in the chain. Largo® is registered for the use on potted plants in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and France.

You can see the effects of Largo® yourself, free of charge. Contact your local Syngenta Flowers Sales below.

How does Largo® work?

Largo® prevents leaf yellowing and petal drop in Pelargonium, both the most common factors of waste.

Research by the German Hochschule Geisenheim University in collaboration with Chrysal shows that the purchase intention of plants is 40% higher if a potted plant looks fresh and healthy on display. And not surprisingly, consumers are more likely to recommend a store with fresh and healthy plants.

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Largo Trial

Want to see the effect of Largo® for yourself?

Contact your local Syngenta Flowers Sales Representative to organize a trial. We will supply you with the product, a sachet that can be used for 2.000 plants, to test and see the results with your own eyes. Free of charge.

FlowerTrials 2021

More info and demo at our FlowerTrials 2022

Let’s meet at the Syngenta FlowerTrials in June and plan on how we can work together to ensure that your pelargoniums achieve their full potential!