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Syngenta Flowers Russia & CIS

Surprise your customers. Grow your business with Syngenta Flowers!

  • Syngenta Flowers provides excellent genetics. In our wide assortment we have top selling series like the Rio Mandevilla, The Verbena Hybrida Lanai or the Calliope Pelargonium.
  • We are obsessed with the quality that we bring to our customers. In our strive to perfection, we reach excellence in our product quality.
  • Accompanied with our genetics you’ll receive excellent technical support. We believe that nowadays the market is demanding the best from growers. Therefore, we do not stop at providing you with the best possible genetics. We also provide technical guidance so that you can become as successful as possible with our genetics.

The Syngenta Flowers team makes the difference in your business. We are always there for you!


Young plants

When it comes to indulging you or your loved ones, you won’t settle for second best…

Syngenta Flowers offers you the best seeds and cuttings for annuals, biennials, perennials and pot plants. All with wide assortments offering you beautiful flowers in a rainbow of colors, for bowls baskets and beds. But we also offer the possibility of Syngenta Young Plants. Strong, uniform young plants grown under the best circumstances possible by the very professional growers of Syngenta Flowers in De Lier, Netherlands. In this centre of expertise the genetic potential is brought to life by the skilled hands of our gardeners and technical specialists. The young plants are monitored day and night and shipped exactly at the right moment for succesfull production finish in Russia and a long colorfull shelflife at a Russian retailer. 


Syngenta Flowers Russian & CIS Distributors Network

Our outstanding genetics reach growers in Russia and the Russian speaking countries, like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, through our highly valued distributors. Please find your Syngenta Flowers Distributor near you by clicking on the blue button below.

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Как заказать?

Профессиональные цветоводы — свяжитесь с официальным дистрибьютором «Сингента Флауэрс»

Садовые центры и ландшафтные дизайнеры — обратитесь к профессиональным цветоводческим хозяйствам

Садоводы-любители — спрашивайте растения «Сингента Флауэрс» в ближайших садовых центрах



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