Agents discover secret


Location: Secret garden, Moncarapacho, Portugal. Time: summer 2018

Italian agents, along with a sales manager, technicians and customers, have been visiting our current Mandevilla Rio® trials this summer.

The mysterious lady with the Mandevilla tattoo showing our guests around was none other than Syngenta Flowers® Senior Breeder Wendy Bergman. She sports a beautiful tattoo of the flowers she has bred during her stellar career: Azalea, Gaillardia and Mandevilla.

The visitors were especially delighted with a new Rio serence white type and four new red types that show amazing colour-holding ability – red that never fades!

These exciting Rio trials are taking place not only in Moncarapacho, South Portugal, but also in Andijk, the Netherlands, in order to test new Mandevilla varieties in a range of conditions. Rio cultivars are heat resistant and easy to grow. The best candidates with matching properties selected from these trials will join the successful range that already includes a selection of intense colours. 

The visitors’ enthusiasm for our new Rio additions has been amazing. Surely then it won’t be too long before one or more of these beautiful Mandevilla will be available. The question is: will Wendy celebrate their launch with a new tattoo...?