Syngenta Flowers Rest of Asia market

Syngenta Flowers Rest of Asia

Syngenta Flowers Rest of Asia includes the following countries:

  • South East Asia (ASEAN): These countries are collectively inhabited by 650 million people. The summer season starts in March and continues until May with temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. The summer is followed by a raining season which lasts from June until October. The snowless winters are from November until February. Growing flowers in these countries is challenging due to either lack of rain of flooding after extensive rainfalls. The heat can also make life difficult for ornamental growers.
  • South Asia: Combined have these countries a population of 1,85 billion people. This is a growing market, with India and Pakistan being the largest flowers markets of South Asia. The countries have both tropical as temperate climates. India has three seasons: Summer from March until May with hot temperatures up to 40 – 45 degrees Celsius, a raining season between June and August and winters during November – February. Especially the months of November and December can be quite cold with temperatures below +10 degrees Celsius.
  • South Korea: with a population of 61 million the Korean market is characterized by four seasons: Winter between December and March with cold and snow, Spring between March and May, Summer between June – August with temperatures up to 30 degrees and Autumn between September and November.
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The No. 1 Pelargonium in South East Asia

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On Wednesday, October 27 2021 Garden by the Bay held a Virtual Field Day. Gardens by the Bay is the leading display garden in Southeast Asia and proves to be a vital information hub for Asia growers and landscapers. It provides growers with information on new varieties of flowering plants for tropical sunny landscapes.

Steve Waters, Product Manager for Syngenta Flowers Business International gives more background information on the species that were on display during the 2021 Singapore Breeder Cultivation Evaluations - Tropical Sun: Annual Landscape plants for Heat and Humidity.

Garden by the Bay trialed the following species from the Syngenta assortment: Dahlia, Impatiens, Marigold, Pentas, Petunia, Snapdragon, Sunflower, Vinca, Zinnia. The plants were trialed at outdoor and indoor locations in hot conditions. The starter material was send in as seeds. Carly Anderson of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, and Dr. Paul Fisher from the University of Florida IFAS Extension were overseeing the production under the hot outdoor circumstances and aircondinioned indoor greenhouses. 

Steve Waters goes in detail on all the species. He updates the virtual audience on available colors, characteristics of the varieties and how to grow them best. 

Need for technical support

Syngenta Flowers is offering technical support via its distributors to Asian growers. With online grower meetings and virtual tours, the opportunities of our portfolio are clarified by our experienced technical support team. If you are interested in one of our webinars, you can pre-register here. The webinars are free of charge.

Technical Support

Senior Crop Technical Specialist of Syngenta Flowers Business International Ben Geijtenbeek has over forty years of experience as a technical expert in floriculture. He is specialized in educating growers in various cultures with new techniques and technologies. This way he revives the potential of Syngenta’s genetics, from the corporate philosophy “Bringing plant potential to life”. Ben has written a series of articles that were published in the Indian Nursery Association Magazine in 2020. The series of articles are especially written for producers of pot and bedding flowers in India and markets that operate with similar levels of technology. Technical tips for growing flower crops.

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