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Syngenta Flowers Latin American markets

Key market trends

The Latin American pot and bedding flowers markets are very versatile. In this huge geographical area, LATAM has the most different climates, cultures, traditions and local tastes. Latin America has countries that are amongst the biggest exporters of global flowers business, such as Colombia and Ecuador. Countries like Brazil and Argentina are more consolidated in their domestic consumption. But there are also countries that are still developing their flower concepts and businesses.

Regarding this market maturity, not a single Latin American market has reached its full potential. And therefore the flowers business is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Syngenta is addressing this growth with outstanding genetics with better garden performance under all climates.

New demands and trends are emerging among the dynamic population. They bring good opportunities for business active in the flower business.

In the pot flower segment, there is a great tendency to use smaller containers. In the gardening segment, the market follows the trend towards greater consumption of rustic plants. These are often more resistant to heat, drought, diseases, and provide floriferous flowers with good durability. In several countries, municipalities represent a very important part of the market for landscaping.

In general, year after year, flowers are becoming more and more accessible to many more people in this market.


Breeding for the Latin American Market

Climate change is one of most challenging factors for Latin American flower producers. With that in mind, the excellent team of breeders of Syngenta Flowers is working hard to continuously improve the portfolio and bring new exceptional products to the Latin American markets. Varieties that help flower growers to face the challenges created by climatic uncertainties. Varieties with high resistance to diseases as well as high tolerance to drought and resistance to heat and cold. But while breeding on these important aspects for growing our genetics successfully, our breeders will never forget to focus on the beauty of flowers in their wide ranges of colours and shapes.

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Need for technical support

As the Latin American markets are still developing, Syngenta Flowers invests to showcase its genetics under local circumstances. This way we can show the compelling characteristics of our wide portfolio to growers in this versatile market. In the document library our US website a wealth of information about our products and many crop manuals can be found.


Syngenta Flowers LATAM Distribution Network

Where can I buy Syngenta Flowers in Latin America? Our outstanding genetics are brought to growers through highly valued distributors. Each one of them has it's own specialty and focus area, enabling Syngenta Flowers to reach all the Latin American countries. Growers can visit the Syngenta Flowers LATAM Distribution Network to find a partner to buy seeds and/or cuttings in Latin America.


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