Mermaid Lavender

Mermaid Lavender
Mermaid Lavender

Mermaid Lavender : Tombez amoureux de cette couleur - tout l'été

Mermaid Lavender Benefits for growers

Avantages pour les producteurs

An extraordinary colour with upright habit which is totally different to traditional varieties, this will complement your summer perennial offer.

No need for vernalization or extra care

Easy to produce as a summer flowering Perennial with a 9-13 week growing period

Mermaid Lavender Benefits for retailers

Avantages pour les points de vente

A beautiful colour to boost your summer perennial offer.

Mermaid's strong lavender colour is outstanding, every consumer will fall in love with it!

Easy to programme for specific weeks

A totally different attractive plant structure

Mermaid Lavender Benefits for consumers

Avantages pour les consommateurs

Add something to your summer garden with this distinctive plant which comes back year after year

A beautiful lavender colour to boost your summer garden

Fall in love with Mermaid’s flowers all summer long