Live footage from the Beijing Florascape Flower Show


During the 7th edition of the Beijing Florascape Flower Show, Technical Executive Phoebe Xie gave an excellent speech of the Syngenta Flowers range of Pelargonium Calliope Series. Her introduction to the series and her growing tips on April 10th were watched by hundreds of people via the live stream on the Chinese online platform WeChat. The entire presentation can be seen via this playback link (in Chinese, no subtitles).

Syngenta Flowers Technical Executive Phoebe Xie

Mrs. Xie introduced the background of the interspecific pelargonium and the great advantages they bring to the grower. Interspecific hybrids offer the best qualities from two types of pelargonium. Ivy geraniums contribute the characteristics of great heat tolerance, glossy leaves, trailing habit, shorter flower stems and denser inflorescences. This is combined with zonal geraniums that bring large flowers and flower color to the varieties. Together they end up in the perfect geranium. Syngenta offers a full color range of Geraniums in the Calliope series. The Calliope L, M, Landscape and Cascade.

The Calliope L was the first to be introduced in China and made great impression with its excellent outdoor performance and flower power under all weather conditions. This unique type is ideal plant for pot, garden and landscape.

Since this first introduction, the range has been widened by many segments and colors. Like the Pretty Little Pink Splash that offers striking colors, compact habit and excellent branching habit and flower power. And the best heat tolerance Calliope Landscape, which was just launched on BJFC flower show. 

Syngenta Flowers Technical Executive Phoebe Xie 2

The great landscaping performance of Calliope L is shown in the project of Tian An Men Square in Beijing where thousands of Calliope L Deep Red make a great impression.

At the Beijing Expo the color range of Calliope L, M and Landscape are shown.

Syngenta Flowers Technical Executive Phoebe Xie 3

In her presentation Mrs. Xie gave growing tips on Fertilizers & pH, PGR & plant performance and provided solutions of the most common problems growers face in growing of Pelargonium.  She illustrate some symptoms caused by wrong pH, EC and bad climate. For more information, you can find our culture guides of Calliope below.

The presentation was backed up by two video’s of the Calliope brand. Product manager Edwin and breeder Ronald Snijder introduced the breeding history and the plant habits of the Calliope series.