FlowerTrials 2024

FlowerTrials 2024 at Syngenta Flowers

We are very excited to be able to invite you to the FlowerTrials from June 11 to 14 at our Production location at Noord-Lierweg 14 in De Lier (NL).

This year's theme, "Every Flower Counts," highlights our commitment to striving for high quality in every young plant, seed, and cutting we develop and produce. The theme also emphasizes our commitment to the environment and our ongoing pursuit of sustainable solutions in our products and production processes whenever possible.





Home Garden Bouquets

The new Home Garden Bouquets concept: a selection of plants that are suitable for the home cut flower garden. Our assortment is packed with plants that are suitable for perfect for flower gardens, borders, and larger potsThese easy-to-grow plants are rigorously tested for both garden performance and vase life. This concept is available with a marketing package to inspire your retail customers and drive sales at point of sale.


Painted Love

Experience the beauty of "Painted Love," a stunning petunia boasting unique, eye-catching blooms. Delicate white and purple flowers create a watercolour-like effect, blending seamlessly to form a trendy, dreamy appearance. Each flower is distinct, featuring soft washes of colour that impart a sense of movement and depth. Perfect for pots over 12 cm and hanging baskets, Painted Love thrives in gardens across various regions, from South to North.


Sweet Duet

Sweet Duet is a new series of double-flowered and highly fragrant Antirrhinum majus. With remarkable vigour and long-lasting flowers, it's perfect for large premium pots and landscaping. The stunning double flowers, coupled with their sweet fragrance, ensure excellent retail appeal. These plants feature an upright habit with strong, well-branched stems and are an excellent choice for late spring and early summer sales. The Sweet Duet series is available in Apple blossom, Citrus, Deep Orange, and Peach, as well as a colourful mix.


Aromatico Evolution

Discover the new Lavandula angustifolia Aromatico Evolution, poised to set a new industry standard. With exceptional flower numbers and -size, Lavandula has truly evolved! This variety is early and free flowering, emitting a highly fragrant aroma. No vernalization is needed to easily program and produce it throughout the season. Excellent vigour and game-changing branching make this lavender a must-have in any assortment.



Boasting exceptional colour coverage and good vigour, our Petunia hybrida Itsy is an excellent choice for gardens, containers, and hanging baskets. Abundant tiny flower blooms create a blanket of colour, providing undeniable retail appeal. Itsy shares similar features with Sutera but excels in flower quality at retail.


Imara® XDR & Cora® XDR

Disease-resistant genetics are a hot topic in the industry. Two major diseases, Downy Mildew (IDM) in Impatiens walleriana and aerial phytophthora in Vinca, have significantly influenced the market. Thanks to our advanced research and development, our series Imara XDR* (Impatiens walleriana) and Cora XDR (Vinca) set a new standard in resistance to these plant diseases.


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