FlowerTrials 2022

Syngenta Flower Trials 2022 Blooming Brightly

We are Blooming Brightly at FlowerTrials 2022

We present our latest innovations and future developments in pot and bedding plants at our location in De Lier (NL). On this page you will find a summarized overview of this year's highlights. Find out more about our novelties, Market Trends our innovative retail solution Largo and our new digital tools to make you successful as a grower.

Syngenta Flowers Stars Collection

Stars CollectionLet us introduce you the Syngenta Flowers’ Stars! A limited number of series and varieties from our assortment selected for their uniqueness. Each Star comes with an exclusive, recognizable Point-of-Sale package. You can expect a seasonal update with the newest series and varieties – carefully selected to boost your sales! 

FleuroStar Mermaid Lavender

Our FleuroStar 2022 nominee: Mermaid LavenderWe are proud to announce that our Iberis Mermaid Lavender is nominated for the FleuroStar awards 2022. Mermaid Lavender is a beautiful flowered plant that has all the characteristics that one would expect from this perennial, with the difference that this hybrid Iberis is suitable for summer production! Because of her characteristics it perfectly fits in our Stars Collection 2022 and is supported by colourful POS materials.

Syngenta Flowers novelties

NoveltiesEvery year we look out to present our newest products to you. This year we have more than 42 new varieties in our Annual seeds & cuttings and Perennials. These new products have better colours, branching, flower time or other characteristics that growers, retailers and consumers are looking for.

Market Trends

This year we have a special focus on the aspect of our assortment that fits well into current market trends. Whenever it comes to challenging weather conditions, supporting biodiversity and style trends, we have the solutions for you.

Bee Loved

Pollinator Friendly Assortment

Varieties that are loved by pollinating insects.

Syngenta Flowers Heat Lover

Heat Lovers

A selection of plants that thrive in sun and heat.

Syngenta Flowers MultiColours


A stylish combination of three different plants in one pot.

Effect of Largo treatment

LargoChrysal and Syngenta Flowers have combined forces and introduce Largo®, a unique and effective product to prevent leaf yellowing and petal shatter. It makes the quality of the plant less dependent on the conditions during transport and to making them stay beautiful longer, thus extending the sales period and reducing waste.

Growing digital

This year we have a special focus on our digital tools: our new order tool myFiora to simplify your ordering process and our picture library to support your sales.

Syngenta Flowers myFiora


Discover our new self-service order entry platform myFiora.

Syngenta Flowers Picture Library

Picture Library

Sharp, bright images of our beautiful flowers and edibles, just a few clicks away.