Bowler Hat

Bowler Hat
Bowler Hat

Una gran Begonia de contraste con flores blancas sobre un follaje de color chocolate-bronce

Bowler Hat Benefits for growers

Beneficios para los productores

Vigorous, bronze leaf Begonia with large flowers and a unique, branched and mounding habitBowler Hat is ideally suited for hanging basket production, yet versatile enough to also work in large packsEarly flowering Easy to produce next to Tophat. Let this begonia series bowl you overNo PGR needed Chocolate-bronze foliage contrasts beautifully with large, bright white flowers

Bowler Hat Benefits for Retailers

Beneficios para los puntos de venta

The first extra-large dark-leaved Begonia with bright white flowers on the marketThe beautiful contrast between the flowers and the nice dark foliage makes Bowler Hat a real eye catcherThe well-branching habit makes Bowler Hat a great choice for both patio and landscape

Bowler Hat Benefits for consumers

Beneficios para los consumidores

Beautiful extra-large bright white flowersRain resistant and ideal for full sun and shadeIdeal for both patio and landscapeThe flowers give an amazing contrast with outstanding dark foliageAttractive for pollinators

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