The term “per- + -ennial” means “through the years” and is a collection of plants that live several years under the right condition. The collection can be devided in four sections: spring perennials, summer perennials, foliage (ground cover) and grasses. On this page you'll find the highlights of our perennials assortment.

Mermaid Lavender

Iberis Mermaid Lavender

Advantages for Growers:Advantages for Retailers:Easy to produceEye catcherNo vernalisation Can be used alone or in combinations 

Superbowl compact purple

Erysimum Super Bowl

Advantages for Growers:Advantages for Retailers:Doesn't need vernalisationFlowers all summer long

Western Star Gemini

Leucanthemum Western Star

Advantages for Growers:Advantages for Retailers: Choice in early or late floweringOffer for longer periodAvailable for small and large containersMore choice in potsizes

HayDay Golden Bicolor

Helenium HayDay

Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersWell branchedExtended offer for 4 monthsCompactGreat garden performanceDoesn't need PGR or pinchingBright colors 


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