Intense Passion

Intense passion


We are passionate about what we do. And some of our products even deserve a bit more attention. Celebrate with us long-lasting and and award-winning series and varieties.

Delta 25 years

25 years of Delta®

An eternally young classic celebrates its birthday! 25 years of Delta® is a reason to celebrate. Bred and produced from the beginning to the present day to meet your highest demands - often imitated, but still the barely attainable benchmark.

2 Awards for Imara

Two awards for Imara!

In 2019 Imara won the TASPO Award of the Year for Best Breeding Product and the Horticulture Week Business Award for Best Ornamental Plant Introduction. And we understand why!

Sincerity wins FleuroStar award

Dahlia Sincerity wins FleuroStar Award!

In 2020 our Dahlia Sincerity won the FleuroStar award. The jury was overwhelmed by the large bi-color flowers and definitely outshined the other contestants!

Rosebud Astrid is Geranium of the Year

Rosebud Astrid is the Geranium of the Year!

On March 25 2021, Syngenta Flowers’ Rosebud Astrid was awarded Geranium of the Year 2021 by Blomsterfrämjandet. The beautiful appearance and fantastic growing qualities made the Pelargonium stand out. 


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