Growing possibilities

Growing possibilities


On this page you will find products, series en varieties that have many options and possibilities. 

Mojo Scarlet

Pelargonium Mojo

Mojo is a must-have series that works across a range of container sizes and is ideal for eye-catching combinations in containers. The dark leaves make the bright colored blooms really 'pop'.

Tango Montevideo

Pelargonium Tango

Tango is a fast producing zonal for high density production. The series is uniform and has a right balance of habit and vigor. The dark foliage is a consumer favorite, pair this with its wide range of colors and grower benefits and you have the ideal zonal geranium for small pots.

Magnia Licht Pink Eye


The acquisition of the Varinova Cyclamen business in 2019 was one additional step in securing a strong pipeline for the future. Growers and retailers can now choose from one of the broadest Cyclamen assortments in the market, offering different plant, flower and leaf types, adapted to their specific seasonal and production needs. 



The Vegetalis range perfectly meets the growing demand for vegetables, herbs and fruits for home, garden and small space. A wide range of proven, high quality varieties for each segment for each market segment in the market as direct seeds or young plant supply. Aside we offer a unique range of professional organic herbs for larger scale production.

Sanguna Blue Vein

Petunia Sanguna (Cutting)

Sanguna is a broad series of large flowered petunias with a mounding habit which are suitable for pots and baskets. It requires no PGR usage and is early to flower.

Flashforward Mix

Petunia FlashForward (Seed)

A miniature flowering, spreading Petunia which is perfectly suited for baskets, containers and premium pack programs. Holds longer at retail than traditional trailing Petunias and doesn’t overgrow companions in containers.

FotoFinish Rose Morn

Petunia Fotofinish (Seed)

Extremely free flowering series with masses of color all over the plant for high-impact retail and long lasting garden displays. Also a extremely uniform spreading Petunia.

Grace Orange

Begonia Grace

The Begonia Grace series has unique pendulous double flowers that give a high-end look to containers and baskets. The plants are densely branched and work across a range of container sizes. Available in 5 colors and has a strong garden performance.

Calendar colors

Calendar colors

Calendar Colors is a simple tool to support growers and retailers in choosing a colorful perennial assortment each month. The tool contains all the necessary information on how to plan each perennial per month – including culture time. It also presents the best perennial offer at retail per month, throughout the whole year.

HayDay Golden Bicolor

Helenium HayDay

Meet Syngenta Flowers' first Helenium series from cutting. HayDay has brightly colored blooms that flower from summer till autumn and is available in 5 colors. 

Western Star Gemini

Leucanthemum Western Star

Within the Western Star series you'll find a broad assortment available for small and large containers. You also have the choice in early or later flowering varieties.

Mermaid Lavender

Iberis Mermaid Lavender

This lavender colored Iberis is easy to produce as a summer perennials, without any vernalization. It will bring a new lavender touch, alone or in combination.

Superbowl compact purple

Erysimum Super Bowl

This series which does not need vernalization to flower and will flower all summer long because of hardly no seeds setting. Free available from January 2022.


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