Our Annuals assortment

Our annuals assortment can be devided in three groups: cuttings, seeds and vegetative. The range includes Pelargonium, Begonia x Hybrida, Dahlia x Hybrida, Impatiens Walleriana, Helianthus anuus and more! On this page you'll find more information about the highlights.


Syngenta Flowers award winning interspecific geraniums are not only famous for their outstanding colors and performance but also their versatility in all pots sizes. For example Calliope L in large pots and our Calliope Cascade in hanging baskets. 

Our zonal geraniums have a long proven history of garden performance and grower success - they continue to be the go - to choice for core geranium programs. Tango geraniums offer industry- leading varieties bred for high-efficiency growing, Americana are known for their exceptional outdoor performance and our Bunny series delivers something different with its dark leaves and amazing color patterns.

Mojo Dark Red


Advantages for Growers:Advantages for Retailers:Medium compactPopping colors on dark foliageMid early floweringIdeal for smaller pot sizes4 colorsIdeal for combination pots

Rosebud Astrid

Rosebud Astrid

Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersMedium compactGeranium of the Year 2021Early floweringBicolor double flowers on dark foliageSmall to medium containersExclusive flower shape

Tango Montevideo


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersBred for high-densityWide range of colorsUniformDark foliageRight balance of habit and vigorIdeal for small pots

Bunny Rose Ice


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersFits with almost any other Pelargonium seriesUnique color patternUnique color combinationsDark foliage

Pretty Little

Pretty Little

Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersIncreased branchingCompact plant with lots of flowersExcellent garden performanceIdeal give-awayCompact habitPOS material availablePerfect for 10,5 cm potsIdeal for Mothers' Day sale

Calliope Landscape Orange


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailers Intense color that lasts Vibrant, non-fading flowers Interspecific geranium series Extremely vigorousWide range of colors Excellent garden performanceMany options (Medium, Large, Landscape)POS material available

Calliope Pink Splash

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Syngenta Flowers' Petunias stand out among other series in the market. With strong series as FlashForward, FotoFinish we bring many growing advantages. And with the series Dekko, Itsy and Sanguna you'll find exceptional garden performance and a wide range of core and unique colors.

Our newest addition to the Petunia assortment is Funhouse. This series consists of dynamic petunias with unique flower colors and patterns. Together with Shortcake Blueberry they will surely capture consumers’ attention. And that makes them also a perfect choice for retailers.

Flashforward mix

FlashForward (Seed)

Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersLess day sensitivityMiniature floweringExtra early floweringLonger shelf lifePerfect for baskets & mixed containersDoesn't overgrow companions in mixes Extremely free flowering all summer long

FotoFinish Rose Morn

FotoFinish (Seed)

Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersExtremely uniform in plant habit and flower timingLots of flowers cover the plantLess day length sensitivity Ideal for high-impact retailExtra early floweringFor long lasting garden displaysIdeal for high density growingHolds longer at retail

Fun House

Fun House

Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersSuited for hanging baskets and patio containersUnusual varieties and color patternsDiversity on earliness, habit, flowersize Creates a field bouquet effect

Dekko Banana


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersWide range of colorsExeptional garden performanceIdeal for all pot sizesUnique colorsGreat for mixed combosSuitable everywhere: small pots to landscape

Itsy Purple


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersExceptional color coverageTons of tiny blooms form a blanket of colorGood vigorHeat tolerant, can be placed in full sunExceptional branchingGreat for landscaping & containers

Sanguna Blue Vein


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersLittle to no PGR requiredReliable seriesEarly to flowerFulfills the needs for basic offerIdeal for pots and (hanging) basketsSpecialty colorsLarge flowers and bright colorsColor covers top to bottom

Shortcake Blueberry

Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersEasy to growBig color impact on the shelfSuitable for small pots, combo's and landscaping Unique and stable flower patternNo color degradationPOS material available


Callie Pink Ribbon


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersBig vigor Perfect mixer (great for combo's)Bold colorsGood shelf lifeIdeal for mixed containers and hanging basketsBlooms from spring to fall

Callie Double Mango

Callie® Double

Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersGreat branchingBeautiful double flowersAvailable in 4 colorsGreat garden performanceSuited for <12 cm pots and hanging baskets Ideal for premium hanging baskets and combo's


Limitless Sorbet


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailers1 week earlier flowering than competitorsLarge range of colors and bicolorsVery uniformColors pop thanks to dark foilageRequires less PGR10% larger flowers than competitors



Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersGreat branching20% bigger blooms than other begoniasEarly floweringSuitable for landscaping and patio plantsCompactGreat garden performance

Grace Orange


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersGreat branchingUnique pendulous double flowersSuitable for a range of container sizesWorks in shade or sunStrong trailing habitsStrong garden performer Flowers all season long

Impatiens Walleriana

Imara Mix


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersHigh resistance to downy mildewBlooms througout the summerEasy and economical to produceClosely spaced flowersIdeal for high density growingBright colors on lush green foliageAvailable in 10 colors and 6 mixesEasy to care for

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Lanai Peach


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersStrong trailing habitsDisease resistanceSemi-vigorousIdeal for combo'sAvailable in 30 colorsIdeal for larger pots and hanging baskets


A full spectrum of color and habits in a comprehensive package.

With increased genetic diversity, Syngenta Flowers is excited to have a Dahlia portfolio with a wide range of flower colors, plant forms and uses. From compact to vigorous, handsome green to eye-catching black foliage, Syngenta has a Dahlia variety for any application.



Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersGreat branchingFleuroStar award winner 2020Bicolored flowersFlowers can reach diameter of 20 cmIdeal for landscaping and patio containersLarge amount of flowers on compact plant

Dahlegria Sunset


Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersGreat branchingPollinator friendlyEasy to cultivateUnique bicolors Ideal for mid- and later segmentLarge flowers on dark foliageSuitable for large potsExtremely weather tolerant

Happy Days Purple

Happy Days

Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersGreat branching Pollinator friendlyEasy to cultivate Unique bicolorsIdeal for mid- and later segmentLarge flowers on dark foliageSuitable for large potsExtremely weather tolerant

Helianthus annuus



Advantages for growersAdvantages for retailersIdeal for patio pots and landscapingPOS material availableGreat branchingEndless blooms al summer long Excellent garden performance



Advantages for growers Advantages for retailersSuitable for 14 cm to 21 cm potsLong shelf lifeProduces lots of flowersExceptional garden performance Explosion of flowers until frost 

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