Delta Pro

Delta® Pro - Produced for Precision

The ultimate highlight of 2023 is the new Viola x wittrockiana F1 Delta® Pro series. The unmatched reputation of our large flowered Delta® Pro series sets the new benchmark for both spring and autumn production. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for a series with a short production cycle, that fills the pot easily without stretching and does not need a lot of PGRs. Delta® Pro offers even a higher level of uniformity, across all core colours plus the most important novelties in one super uniform series.

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Extraordinary uniformity

The early and extremely uniform flowering, within varieties and across the series, takes the guesswork out of planning and Pansy production for spring and fall.

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What growers say about Delta® Pro

Hecker Gartenbau

Hecker Gartenbau - Germany

The family-owned company Hecker Gartenbau in Düsseldorf has been producing Delta® pansies since the very beginning, over 25 years ago. This year they have tested the new Delta® Pro series in open field production. 

“We started with the Roc series series and moved to the Delta® series, which compared to Roc, was much more uniform and easier to harvest. Over time, the series expanded a lot in colour and improvements. The Delta® Pro series, which I have grown this year, again was a great step forward. The uniformity and habit of the plant has improved and makes our production much more programmable. Also the individual flower colours, as well as the foliage.

I am especially enthusiastic about the new red and the new orange, because up to now these were always the varieties that were a little more difficult to produce. The golden yellow in the assortment is a very nice addition as well. The flowering stability and shelf life of each individual variety has now again been improved in this Delta® Pro Series. The series is definitely a good extension and further development of the Delta® series. I am also really excited about the beautiful new colours to come and they are definitely worth a try.”

Hans Lösslin

Gärtnerei Hans Lösslin - Germany

Nursery Lösslin in Weißweil (DE), has tested 15 colours of the new Delta® Pro series. The new series has a very uniform flowering, with five days of flowering window, making the series super uniform and plannable for the grower. 

"We have had only very positive experiences with the Delta® Pro series so far. Especially in a hot summer it has shown to be very compact and stable in shape. The flowers are also very nicely shaped. The flower stems are short, the flower is not too big, it is all in all a very positive new breeding. 

We have also hardly had to use PGR for this series which has of course been a cost saving. Through different pot sizes, we can continuously supply our customers with this series, so that we can maintain our supply to market.

For me personally, the purple white has one of the most beautiful flowers. This lovely fading between the two colours, I must say, really a successful series."