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Coloring daily life in India with flowers

The traditional flower consumption in India for ceremonial and religious occasions is nowadays joined by all kinds of celebrations be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, condolence meetings, promotions or even business conferences. This drives the productions and marketing of flowers in all major Indian cities. On top if this trend, the beautification of public spaces (known as landscaping) is a fast-increasing business in India. That is why Syngenta is focusing on the Indian flowers industry with a dedicated sales team and a network of Syngenta Flowers Distributors covering all important flower producing regions.

Syngenta genetics are widely appreciated by growers because of their unique traits and strong resistances against diseases. Especially in hot climates like in India, these strengths make a real difference in the marketable product. Stronger genetics are the backbone of bouquets and pot plants that endure longer and can be enjoyed for many more days by the end consumer.

Indian farmer with Petunia Milliflora White Picobella

Key market trends

International Statistics Flowers & Plants 2018 show that the Indian agricultural acreage is estimated at 243.000 hectares, which is by far the largest in the world​. Especially in the southern area of India production is dense, including Maharashtra for flowers specifically. Compared to more other markets, the Indian acreage is divided by many small growers.

For Indian growers the floriculture is higly profitable compared to agricultural crops and many farmers switch to the flower business. The increasing flower consumption in the cities drives strong growth in agreace and prices. However, the Indian climate can be cahllenging for the precious colorfull flower leaves, especially after harvest. The fragility of consignments allows transportation only during the cool hours of the night.

Transportation of potted flowers in India

A clear need for integrated crop management

Syngenta is supporting growers throughout India with knowledge on how to best professionally grow flowers. Mostly succesfull vegetables growers start growing flowers in their crop cycles and gradually move to the profitable flower business.
Our skilled technical support team regularly visits Indian growers to help them fight diseases and get the most out of the varieties in plant healthiness, shelf life, endurance and uniformity. Also specific requirements like earliness of flowering or the compactness of the plants is discussed and the variety selection is adapted to this. Fortunately, Indian growers can choose from a wide range of beautiful and strong Syngenta Flowers varieties with full color ranges that can stand the heath and drought.

Syngenta Flowers marigold India

Breeding for the Indian market

Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. Our breeders have a keen eye for the cultural shifts in the Indian market. The fast-growing consumer markets require products that must be grown under the challenging growing circumstances of the Indian climate (heat, drought, scarce water supplies). These challenges are converted into outstanding varieties that are well suited for the Indian climate and thereby serve the Indian flower consuming population. Our breeding programs in garland marigold, petunia, pelargonium, pansy and verbena hybrida are worldwide best in class. From these 'innovation pipelines', we inspire our distribution partners every year with improved genetics. So that they can bring more color, stronger disease resistances and improved heat and drought tolerances to the market. One beautiful variety after another. 

Syngenta Flowers India Distributor Network

Our outstanding genetics reach the Indian growers through highly valued distributors. Each has its own specialty and focus area, enabling Syngenta Flowers to reach all parts of the Indian market. Please choose your distributor in our Syngenta Flowers India Distributor Network.

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Technical Support

Senior Crop Technical Specialist of Syngenta Flowers Business International Ben Geijtenbeek has over forty years of experience as a technical expert in floriculture. He is specialized in educating growers in various cultures with new techniques and technologies. This way he revives the potential of Syngenta’s genetics, from the corporate philosophy “Bringing plant potential to life”.Ben has written a series of articles that were published in the Indian Nursery Association Magazine in 2020. The series of articles are especially written for producers of pot and bedding flowers in India and markets that operate with similar levels of technology. Technical tips for growing flower crops. Click here to read blogs full of growing tips from our technical experts! 

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