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Acquisition of Varinova cyclamen business

In 2018 Syngenta Flowers successfully completed the acquisition of Varinova’s Cyclamen business. This results in the perfect combination of technical expertise and the innovative cyclamen varieties from Varinova and the market access and world class science of Syngenta Flowers.


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Innovation means renewal. We renew our cyclamen varieties by using several growing techniques. In this process we not only focus on the improvement of existing colors and shapes, but we also create completely new colors and shapes.

Our cyclamen assortment now consists of a large range of niche products with a unique color and/or shape. One of the most famous examples is Goblet with the chalice flower shape and white edged flowers. But also both Rocolina with its Rococo shaped flowers and Outsider with its entirely own botanical looks are charming niche varieties originating from our “genetic kitchen”.

The existing range of our cyclamen is constantly being renewed by improving the resiliency and looks. We would like to see that the grower cultivates our varieties with ease and pleasure.


A resilient plant can defend itself well against enemies. Those enemies can come from all kinds of angles: fungi, insects and climate. At Syngenta Flowers, much attention in breeding is paid to plant resistance; plants that are easy to grow in extreme climates; plants that can not easily get fungi. Several cyclamen varieties of Varinova are now known to growers because of their good resistance to Botrytis.

Syngenta Flowers also devotes a great deal of attention to the sustainable cultivation of cyclamen. In collaboration with the companies Soiltech and Koppert, a major investigation was started in 2017 to show whether cyclamen can be grown more resilient. The outcome of this research is promising. The WUR has established that there is a trend that the treated plants are more resistant to thrips. The Flora Holland knowledge center has established that the treated plants have a significantly better chain storage life.

Since 2018, the research of both companies (Varinova and Syngenta Flowers) continues.

Greenhouse with cyclamen


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