Colorful success at first Flower Trial event in Pune: Syngenta Flowers Show 2023

Team Syngenta Flower Show 2023 India

In a groundbreaking collaboration Syngenta Flowers presented the first-ever Syngenta Flowers Show in Pune, Maharashtra, India, 24th-26th November 2023 along with distributor Dhandeep Seeds and Shree Balaji Nursery.

Entrance Syngenta Flowers Show 2023 India

This trial event coincided with the prestigious HortiProIndia 2023 International Exhibition & Conference, which attracted many growers to the region.  

Anil Ambekar, owner of Shree Balaji: “Including all stakeholders from the flowers value chain, the audience included over 500 visitors. Flower growers from across India took the opportunity to see the innovative and tailormade assortment that Syngenta Flowers selected for this event. Our team worked very well together with the team of Dhandeep Seeds and that of Syngenta Flowers during the event to provide information and tips to growers. Everybody enjoyed the face-to-face conversations on the unique challenges of growing in Indian conditions.”  

These conditions include hot and humid climates and local substrate mixtures with native soil, coir, and dried cow dung. 

Syngenta Flowers Show India 2023
Syngenta Flowers Show India 2023

Gautam Sangle, Syngenta’s Key Account Manager South Asia: “The extraordinary good plant performance was a great achievement of the technical team of Shree Balaji. But this also resembles the potential of the Syngenta Flowers genetics under hot conditions.”

The hot and humid climate of Pune put the genetics to the test with several heavy rain falls, just a week before the show. Yet the resilient plants withstood these adverse conditions, which highlighted once again their genetic robustness. 





The event not only highlighted the top-quality genetics of Syngenta Flowers, but also revealed the collective effort required for such a monumental initiative. Hosting this large-scale event for the first time required careful planning and a significant amount of commitment.

Mr. Dhruva Parekh, owner of Dhandeep Seeds Trading Company, reflects on a remarkably successful first event: “I am proud of the great event we built together. The location was decorated beautifully, and we had highly informative documentation for the growers. This was highly appreciated by the many growers who are searching for new innovative varieties to grow in their own production. It was useful for the growers to see for themselves what high quality can be achieved with disease resistant genetics.” 


Syngenta Flowers Show India 2023

The audience were impressed by the Vinca Cora Cascade XDR series, highly resistant to 20 isolates of Phytophthora nicotianae, including the ten most virulent strains that cause Phytophthora blight on annual Vinca. The mounded spreading habit makes the Cora Cascade perfect for summer baskets, mixed containers, and expansive landscape beds with a flowering that lasts all season long. 






Syngenta Flowers Show India 2023

Besides that, visitors loved the vibrant Zinnias, and commented on their impressive appearance. The Zydeco series especially stood out with its large, fully double flowers, displaying longevity and impact. 

On top of that, the message that the Zydeco is strong with respect to disease resistance, and heat and drought tolerance, resonated well with the audience, making it the perfect choice for both cultivation and garden performance.

Syngenta Flowers Show India 2023

Marigold Inca II, again caught the eye. The guests were impressed by the well-branched, intermediate-sized plants with large double blooms, ideal for retail-ready containers. An excellent choice for adding color and filling spaces in sunny landscapes. 

Marigold Antigua has already won over many growers and will continue to do so, recognized by its naturally dwarfed, branching habit and strong flower stems that do well in transport and in the garden. 

Beautifying India
In India, bed and potting plants consumption for various occasions is increasing and there is a growing trend to beautify public spaces. Syngenta Flowers, along with its industry peers, aims to contribute significantly to the growth of the Indian flower industry. 

The widespread appreciation of Syngenta genetics among Indian growers, especially in challenging climates, reinforces the brand's reputation for providing stronger genetics that form the basis for long-lasting, high-quality potted and bedding plants, enhancing the end-user experience. 

The success of the Syngenta Flowers Show in Pune predicts a colorful future for Syngenta Flowers, which will leave a lasting mark on India's horticultural landscape. 

Syngenta Flowers Show India 2023