Calliope Intense color that lasts

Calliope® - Intense Color That Lasts

Calliope® stands for 'Intense Color That Lasts'. An industry-first innovation and still the No. 1 geranium for color and performance. Large double flowers and intense flowering all-season long creates an impact in the garden.

A wide range of color options and large habits translates directly into consumer success.

The brand is divided in four series: Calliope® M, Calliope® L, Calliope® Cascade and Calliope® Landscape.

Calliope Dark Red
Calliope M Pink Splash

Garden performance

To get the full potential out of the Calliope® genetics for the end consumer, we strongly recommend the usage of controlled release fertilizer already during cultivation. Controlled releasing fertilizer is the proven solution to boost the garden performance of Calliope®.

New POS material for Calliope

Brand-new POS materials for Calliope®

We have developed a complete new look and feel for Calliope®. We are really proud of the end result and can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world.