Relax it's Rio

Do you want to grow a plant with minimal care, easy to produce, flower, transport and great for end consumer? Relax it’s Rio!

With it 4 series, choose the varieties which fit the best for your pot sizes. Rio is our early flowering standard which always wins the hearts of our growers. Next comes Rio Petite not only showy but also compact and quick to start. Then comes Rio Elegant a favourite with consumers with its huge numbers of large flowers and excellent branching. Finally Rio Grande a climbing plant excellent for pyramids and large containers. And in a large range of colors.

Rio is so easy that you just can relax!

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Rio Brochure 2020

Rio Brochure

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Rio crop manuals

Rio Crop Manual

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Rio Crop Manual

Rio Crop Manual

More technical information on how to grow

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Arnoud de Mortain

Arnaud de Mortain

Technical Specialist South

Ulrich Eberhardt

Ulrich Eberhardt

Technical Specialist North

Robbin van den Berg

Robbin van den Berg

Product manager

Christine Besson

Christine Besson

Brand manager

Communicating with the end consumer

To boost your sales, we communicate with the end consumer through a website and a Facebook page dedicated to Rio Mandevilla. Refer to this plateforms to support your customers in their Rio experience. 

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