Санфинити - необычный подсолнечник!


Санфинити - необычный подсолнечник

"Санфинити - необычный подсолнечник! Он заметно отличается от других однолетних растений, и нам это нравится. Хочу отметить его пластичность в теплице и в открытом грунте, а также невероятные энергию роста и обилие цветения."

Sunfinity impresses visitors in Gorky Park - Moscow - Russia - A Syngenta Flowers product

"Этот межвидовой гибрид однороден на всех стадиях роста, что важно при уходе и масштабной высадке в грунт. Без применения ретардантов нам удалось вырастить роскошные растения высотой до 1,5 м и шириной до 1 м.

Период цветения очень продолжительный, поэтому посетители Парка Горького и Музеона могут наслаждаться этой мощной красотой и фотографироваться на фоне ярко-жёлтых цветов в течение многих недель."

Владимир Праздников,  Парк Горького

Syngenta Flowers Sunfinity in Gorky Park - Russia - with grower Vladimir and Syngenta Flowers representatives Julia and Ivan

"Sunfinity is really something special!  It looks very different compare to the other annuals, and we like (appreciate?) it very much. I would like to notice its flexibility in a greenhouse and outside.

Also there are incredible growing and flowering power. This interspecific hybrid has a good uniformity in all stages, and it is very important for the agronomists and landscapers. We made the magnificent plants 1,5 meters  height and 1 meter width when growing without PGR. All plants were covered with eye-catching yellow flowers."

Sunfinity impresses visitors in Gorky Park 2 - Moscow - Russia - A Syngenta Flowers product

"The flowering period is very long so the Gorkly Park and “Muzeon’ vistiors can enjoy this vigorous and bright beauty for many weeks."

Vladimir Prazdnikov, Gorkiy Park.

Sunfinity characteristics

The next generation of sunflower offers nonstop blooming and continuous flowers all season long. This facultative long day plant with fast crop times is well suited for late spring and early summer.

  • Extends the retail season with a premium product offer, ideal in 20 cm and larger containers for landscape use or in larger patio pots.
  • Provides extended shelf-life compared to short-lived regular pot sunflowers that cannot be sold after first flower.
  • Multi-blooming plants allow home gardeners the opportunity to cut and enjoy flowers indoors as well as in the garden.
  • Complete branding package available to support and drive retail sales.

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Sunfinity Sunflower


Julia Troitskaya
Julia Troitskaya
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