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Elizandro Fiorese - Director of Agrofior Produção de Mudas Ltda, located in Colombo, Paraná, Brazil: "We started growing Vinca Cora as soon as it was launched in Brazil. The emergence of Vinca Cora and later Vinca Cora XDR, was a major breakthrough within the flower varieties we work with, as we were able to have a quality product, and especially to have product availability at times we didn’t have before, due to the resistance to diseases."

Elizandro Fiorese - Director of Agrofior Produção de Mudas Ltda, located in Colombo, Paraná, Brazil holding a tray of Cora XDR

"Cora XDR has a greater range of resistance to variations of Phytophthora, a pathogen that has always been a limiter in the production of Vinca in our region. Before, it was very difficult to serve our Vinca customers at certain periods of the year due to the high incidence of this fungus, which was difficult to control. After the launch of Vinca Cora and finally Cora XDR, this was overcome."

Cora XDR

In addition, this product has other qualities such as larger flowers, new colors, excellent germination and uniformity of plants. We are very pleased with this product and recommend it.

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Cora XDR The vinca that fights back!

Easier to grow: improved branching, uniformity, and flower-power ideal for premium packs and small to larger pots.
• Reduced risk: offers season-long flowering and survival in landscape plantings.
• This vinca is powered by high levels of resistance to multiple strains of aerial Phytophtora.
• Higher consumer appeal: large showy flowers in the widest range of solid and high demand bicolor patterns of any disease resistant vinca on the market.

Cora XDR clearly performs better in trial compared to non-resistant varieties - Garden setting with NO funcgicides applied to any variety

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The Vinca that fights back - Cora XDR


Luís Corsini
Luís Corsini
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