Zinnia Uproar

Zinnia elegans Uproar Rose


  • The only color in the series, but it’s a beauty!
  • Long, strong stems, high yield, and fully double flowers show off the benefits of an F1 hybrid Zinnia
  • ASCFG Cut Flower of the Year award in 2009
  • Its consistent magenta-rose color, high degree of doubleness and large flower size made this a favorite with growers across the country in the ASCFG trial

Production Tips:

  • Best in the field
  • For those growing zinnias in the North, one planting may be enough for long stems all season
  • For those in the South, fresh plantings every four weeks will insure a constant supply of high-quality flowers for future production considerations
  • Mildew resistant, but as with similar cultivars, the incidence will increase on older plantings, especially in the fall
  • Expected stem length: 30 inches
  • Suggested spacing: 9 x 9 inch recommended, up to 12 x 12 inch

Postharvest Tricks:

  • Harvest when yellow disc florets start to show and the stem is stiff under the flower head
  • Vase life: 7-10 days
  • Use a holding solution or chlorine tablets to maximize vase life
  • Zinnias don’t tolerate cold storage well; some growers find it best to store them in a cool shaded spot rather than the cooler

These tips and tricks are meant to be starting points for your production and postharvest practices. Actual performance may vary with region and growing conditions.