In December 2009, Syngenta decided to separate its floricultural wholesale business from its distribution activities serving Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

While Syngenta Flowers may appear to be a young company, we have our roots in more than 140 years of flowers history, starting back in the mid 1800s with a Dutch seeds man named Groot, whose descendants founded Sluis & Groot in 1867. We are proud of this heritage and of the many milestones, including the revolutionary X-tray, we have passed along the way to our leading position today.

Syngenta Flowers provides professional flower growers throughout our sales region with services and a wide range of products from various suppliers, including Syngenta Flowers. We focus our activities mainly on providing high-quality young plants and also sell seeds and un-rooted cuttings.

Syngenta Flowers is part of Syngenta, a global leader in agribusiness committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology.


Separation of the distribution activities and wholesale activities of Syngenta.

Establishment of FloriPro Services®, the distribution organisation of Syngenta.


Syngenta acquired Goldsmith Seeds Inc., a leading US flower seeds company.

Syngenta acquired the Yoder pot and garden chrysanthemum and aster product lines.


Syngenta acquired Fischer, the leading producer of pelargonium and a leader in poinsettia and New Guinea impatiens.


Syngenta founded Young Plant Distribution, De Lier, Netherlands.


Goldsmith Seeds Inc licensed its vegetative genetics to Fischer USA for a 10-year period.


Novartis and AstraZeneca merged their agribusinesses to form Syngenta, the first global group focusing exclusively on agribusiness.


Sandoz and Ciba merged to form Novartis.


Sandoz acquired the Zaadunie group of Holland. Sluis & Groot (S&G) was one of the prominent marketing companies of Zaadunie.


Glenn Goldsmith held the first “Pack Trial” in Gilroy, inviting seed brokers to view seed product in production. Spring “Pack Trials” are commonplace in the industry today worldwide.


Glenn Goldsmith founded Goldsmith Seeds Inc. in Gilroy, California, USA.


Gerhard Fischer founded Fischer in Hillscheid, Germany.


Foundation of Sluis en Groot in Andijk, Netherlands.