3000 Delta Pro Pansies are colouring the entrance of Enkhuizen (NL)

3000 Delta Pro Pansies

At least twenty volunteers rolled up their sleeves over the past few days to plant 3,000 Delta Pro pansies at 'De Garden' near the historic 'Koepoort' in Enkhuizen, NL. De Garden serves as a testing ground for the seed industry and a discovery garden for the consumer.

Thanks to an initiative by a few seed lovers, the garden is back after a two-year hiatus. Planting colourful plants is not only the kickoff of a new edition of De Garden but also a great opportunity to show the excellent performance of Syngenta Flowers' newest pansy series, Delta Pro.

Three seed companies in the area have agreed to take turns supplying plants to De Garden each season. Syngenta Flowers provided 3,000 Delta Pro pansies to kick off the spring season. The pansies are planted on a slope overlooking the Koepoort, and will soon bloom into a beautiful De Garden logo for visitors to marvel at.

Delta Pro

The ultimate highlight of 2023 is the new Viola x wittrockiana F1 Delta® Pro series. The unmatched reputation of this large-flowered pansy series sets a new benchmark for both spring and autumn production. Delta Pro's extreme uniformity in size, flower timing, and excellent field performance make it an eye-catcher for any garden. Read more