Our Award-Winning Flower Varieties

Syngenta Flowers, Inc. prides itself on providing innovative varieties that are the result of top-quality breeding. Below you will find a comprehensive list of varieties that have received some of the top prizes awarded in the horticulture industry. Contact your broker or Syngenta representative to learn more about incorporating these award-winning varieties into your growing operation.

All American Selections

Florific™ Sweet Orange New Guinea impatiens
2014 AAS Bedding Plant Award

Arabesque™ Red penstemon
2014 AAS Flower Award

Pinto™ Premium White to Rose geranium
2013 AAS Bedding Plant Award

Moonsong® Deep Orange marigold
2010 AAS Flower Award

Endurio® Sky Blue Martien viola
2010 AAS Cool Season Bedding Plant Award

Asti™ White osteospermum
2008 AAS Bedding Plant Award

Zowie!™ Yellow Flame zinnia
2006 AAS Flower Award

Sparkler™ Blush cleome
2002 AAS Flower Award

Honey Select corn
2001 AAS Vegetable Award

Victorian Rose™ impatiens
1998 AAS Bedding Plant Award

Kentucky Blue bean
1991 AAS Vegetable Award

Ultra™ Crimson Star petunia
1988 AAS Bedding Plant Award

Sunburst squash
1985 AAS Vegetable Award

Madame Butterfly™ snapdragon
1970 AAS Award


Amerian Garden

Sanguna® Radiant Blue petunia
2014 #2 Most Popular Flower

Lanai® Candy Cane verbena
2013 #1 Most Popular Flower

Big Kiss™ White Flame gazania
2012 #2 Most Popular Flower

Prairie Splendor™ Deep Rose echinacea
2010 #2 Most Popular Flower

TigerEye Gold rudbeckia
2009 #1 Most Popular Flower


Greenhouse Grower Medal of Excellence

Starcluster™ pentas series
2013 Industry's Choice

Caliente® & Calliope® geranium series expansion
2009 Reader's Choice

TigerEye Gold rudbeckia
2008 Reader's Choice

Cora® vinca series
2007 Industry Choice for Breeding

Cora® vinca series
2007 Reader's Choice

Origami™ aquilegia series
2002 Medal of Excellence for Breeding

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